About Us

Katka Mtn Peace Gardens is a family project that started in the '70's' when my husband, Michael, and I planted starts from flowers around our rentals homes in wooded peach boxes. Each box had an additional rose or lilac, a few new bulbs, corms, or rhizomes, and a couple of different perennial herbs and flowers. Our children, Stephen and Eva Molly, had their favorites.

By the time we found this peaceful meadow in North Idaho, in the mid 90's,

the plants had grown into well rooted clumps and we planted them whole. Between clumps we planted a variety of starts from friends. Most of the plants lived and are thriving with little or no water.

Having settled someplace, Michael and I could collect stones to border beds. We found red shale from the inland seas that became the Rocky Mtns on Katka Mtn. We collected quartz, granite, and composition stones, rolled smooth by glaciers, on our property and close by where the glaciers stopped and then dropped their heaviest stones as they began retreating.

We wanted the plants and stones to compliment each other and harmonize with the forest environment. We saved rocks for years before using them for borders when inspired with creative energy. As we collected more flowers, we matched plants to stones so new beds will compliment established beds as the garden grows.

Over 20 years, the rockery flower garden has become a mosaic of beds settling into a peaceful mountain meadow that is framed by conifer forest and ringed be the Purcell and Selkirk Mountain Ranges.


Information about flowers, wildlife, mountains, and other interesting things is at PEACE GARDENS.

Please look at the PHOTO GALLERY for seasonal pictures of the flower beds taken over the last year.

Spring picture show purple crocus and blue hyacinth blooming beside white granite bordering beds of evergreen lavender, thyme, and sedums. Lilac and roses, geranium and columbines bloom as spring becomes summer with silvermound and winter savory blooming as rose leaves turn wine red in autumn. Late fall and winter pictures show the quite beauty of stones and driftwood among wintering shrub and evergreens resting below snow mantled mountains.

Katka Mtn Peace Gardens fulfills my family's wish to create a flower garden that will be enjoyed after we are gone. The peace gardens will be in a trust and need a sustainable income in addition to donations.

Eva Molly suggested I utilize my cut glass serving dishes and punch sets to offer teas and parties in a lovey flower garden with beautiful mountain views. That is a goal but for now I am encouraging people to visit the peace gardens.

Stephen pointed out that amateur astronomers would love to observe starry dome about the peace gardens because there are no lights visible and the planets, stars, and galaxies are bright and clear in the night sky. Star gazers are welcome to make arrangements to visit and view the yearly cycle of the constellations.

I invite you to visit Katka Mtn Peace Gardens and enjoy the rockery flower garden and mountain views. Feel the peaceful energy filling this quite meadow.

Couples are welcome to exchange their marriage vows at Katka Mtn Peace Gardens. The service can be in the flower garden, among meadow wild flowers, or in a forest glade.

A map, how to contact me, and other useful information is at GENERAL INFOMATION.

The peace gardens are lovely all year and visitors are welcome every season.

Starting in Bonners Ferry, enjoy a scenic drive beside the Kootenai River then loop around Paradise Valley either before or after turning Katka road and driving to an overlook with a panoramic view of the Kootenai River, Paradise and Pleasant Valleys, and the Purcell, Cabinet and Selkirk Mtn Ranges. Stop at the peace gardens and relax for a while in a rockery flower garden growing in a peaceful mountain meadow.

I look forward to meeting you. Weather you visit on line or in person, I hope you will enjoy Katka Mtn Peace Gardens.

Billie Jo Klaniecki for Michael, Stephen, and Eva Molly.

If I had a flower

for every thought of you

my garden would bloom forever.

Katka Mtn Peace Gardens

528 Glacier Rd

Katka Mtn

Purcell Mtn Range

N. American Continent

Planet Earth.